APAVE Certification Italia s.r.l., with sole shareholder, has its registered office in Viale Battista Bardanzellu, 94 00155 Rome – Tel.+39 06 33270123 – Tax and VAT code 07497701008.
In order to offer an increasingly broad and efficient range of services, in early October, after being accredited as a Quality, Environment, Safety and Inspection certification organization by Accredia (The Italian Accreditation organization), SICIV S.r.l. transferred the certification and inspection activities to APAVE Certification Italia s.r.l., part of the international Apave Group.
As a result Apave Certification Italia S.r.l. has an executive office in Brescia in Via dei Mille 22, in the renovated premises of Siciv srl.
With the integration of Siciv s.r.l. into the Apave Group the latter offers equally efficient services but with an increasingly broad range of diversified services, both in the sphere of certification and inspection.
In this way, APAVE Certification Italia s.r.l. incorporated the experience and know-how of SICIV S.r.l. (Società Italiana Certificazioni, Ispezioni, Validazioni).
Siciv srl was established on 13 February 2001 in Brescia by a group of professionals with the aim of developing ISO 9000 quality certification activities as well as inspection activities, in particular design verification for their validation.
Since 2001, SICIV has offered its numerous customers a highly qualified and complete range of services, which were further expanded with the accreditation for management systems certification according to UNI EN ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001 standards.

Apave Group: Controls and certifications from 1867

The Apave Group has a history of trust since more than 50 years. Thanks to an international network of 7 branches, it guarantees continuous support for the control and management of environmental and human hazards.
All the companies of the Apave Group act in unison for a unique purpose: helping companies and communities to improve the safety of people and property, to protect the environment and to optimize the performance of structures, equipment and buildings.


CPM Apave Italia: Certification, inspection and control

CPM Apave Italia is a European certification company that offers its customers a wide range of services, aimed to create a safe environment for people and goods and to optimize the company’s performance:

  • Certification of industrialized concrete plants;
  • Skills certifications;
  • CE 0398 certifications;
  • Inspection and control of installations;
  • Training on security and development of professional skills.

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