APAVE CERTIFICATION ITALIA S.r.l. is aware that the Certification of Management Systems has assumed decisive importance in order to guarantee the ability of an Organization to fully satisfy the requirements of the Customer, the Product, and the relevant regulations. It also recognizes that the market’s trust in the certifications issued is based on the absence of conflicts of interest, objectivity, competence, confidentiality, and impartiality of the certification organization with regard to all interested parties.
APAVE CERTIFICATION ITALIA S.r.l. therefore undertakes to respond to these fundamental requirements through a policy of impartiality that is periodically submitted for the approval of the Committee for the Safeguarding of impartiality, a organization external to APAVE CERTIFICATION ITALIA S.r.l., made up of representatives of trade associations, consumer associations, institutions, businesses, etc.

APAVE CERTIFICATION ITALIA S.r.l. therefore undertakes to guarantee at any time the management of:

Conflicts of interest

The preparation of a document analyzing the threats to impartiality.
The preparation of a code of ethics, commitments related to confidentiality and privacy, and statement of the absence of conflicts of interest submitted for the signature of all interested parties.
The provision of a Impartiality Safeguarding Committee to guarantee the conduct of and the criteria applied by APAVE CERTIFICATION ITALIA S.r.l. at any time.

Objectivity and competence

The provision of auditors and qualified technical experts with high technical skills for audits.
The provision of qualified internal personnel, periodically updated on the reference standards, and competent with regard to the application of certification procedures.
The provision of a deliberative technical organization made up of highly skilled personnel and experts in the activities carried out by APAVE CERTIFICATION ITALIA S.r.l.’s customers.


The preparation of a rate list subject to the approval, with regard to impartiality, of the Committee to Safeguard impartiality, the application of which does not discriminate against any customer.
The management of complaints and claims made by personnel who were not employed in the certification process regarding that complaint or claim and under the supervision of the Impartiality Safeguarding Committee.
The adoption, by all APAVE CERTIFICATION ITALIA S.r.l. operators, of this manual is considered a necessary condition to standardize the APAVE CERTIFICATION ITALIA S.r.l. activities to the essential harmonization criteria, necessary and sufficient for the recognition of the activities at a national, European, and international level.

The above is aimed at obtaining recognition of APAVE CERTIFICATION ITALIA S.r.l. at the national, European and international level as competent and trustworthy in the certification of company management systems.