A team of professionals

Every single member of our Team is essential to our strength. A value added to our company: professionalism, competence, and continuous professional development to offer the best service to our customers.

  • Denis Farge

    Chairman of the Board of Directors.

  • Michel Le Van Puch


  • Paul Marie Bruno Bertrand


  • Urbano Strada

    General Manager and Legal Representative.

Brescia office

  • Sabrina Citroni
    Sabrina Citroni

    Director of the Operations Office.

  • Celestino Felappi
    Celestino Felappi

    Technical Director of the Certification Body and Technical Inspection Manager.
    Manager of the Environment and Safety Scheme

  • Piergiuseppe Manessi
    Piergiuseppe Manessi

    Quality Scheme Manager, Planning and Technical Proposing Service.

  • Roberto Satriano
    Roberto Satriano

    Manger of the project verification and inspection of works planning service.
    Expert inspector.

  • Giovanni Azzi

    Manager of certification bids in the Sales office.

  • Paolo Berta
    Paolo Berta

    Assistant to the planning manager, deputy in monitoring auditor qualifications, deputy in the technical offer proposal function.

  • manuela botticini
    Manuela Botticini

    Business sector inspection of works and projects.
    Documentary and administrative verification in the sphere of inspections.

  • Edda Fiori
    Edda Fiori

    Administration and accounting.

  • Roberta Fedele
    Roberta Fedele

    Administration and accounting.

  • Giovanna Lodrini

    Planning service for project verification and inspection of works.
    Expert inspector.

  • Daria Meloni

    Assistant to the sales office manager.

Roma office

  • Domenico Venditti

    Director of the Operating Office and Technical Director of the Certification Body.
    Sales department manager, manager for the quality and product scheme, technical offer proposal function, and monitoring of auditor skills.

  • Stefano Bertini

    Quality System and Product Manager..
    Auditor skills monitoring, technical offer proposal function.

  • Gianluca De Vincentis

    Information Security Scheme Manager.
    Auditor skills monitoring.

  • Massimo Soccio

    Planning Service.

  • Marco Raponi

    Planning Service.

  • Functional Organization Chart - Apave Certification