APAVE CERTIFICATION ITALIA seeks for hiring a graduate in technical subjects or in business management. Age between 28 and 40 with a good experience on Management systems in accordance with ISO 9001; ISO 14001; BS OHSAS 18001.

Position: Commercial office clerk, tender issue, scheduling, customer contact, technical secretary.

The offer is reserved for Members on List L.68 / 99 “Civil Invalids with a percentage of invalidity between 46 and 100%”.

Offer description: The position includes a commitment in the commercial office to manage requests for offers, scheduling, contact with customers. Tutor, dynamic work environment.

To apply, send CV to bs.certification.it@apave.com

Candidates will be contacted for a possible cognitive interview.

Location: Via dei Mille 22- 25122 BRESCIA

Qualification required: Technical diploma or technical degree

Drive licence required: No

Type of relationship:Employee

Computer skills: Office package. Basic knowledge of programming will be a preferential title.