The execution of the works technical inspection service consists of the planning and conducting of inspections during the implementation of the work, in some or all of its partitions, aimed at controlling the risk related to:

  • supply and installation of materials;
  • elements or sub systems;
  • execution of the works according to the specifications of the technical standards;
  • rules of good construction technique.

The inspection of the execution of the works therefore constitutes the guarantee of the overall quality of the work itself, also in terms of durability, maintainability, and useful life for the purposes of its insurability with a subsequent ten-year indemnity policy to cover damage and/or serious defects.
The technical inspection is particularly requested by insurance companies, as a prerequisite for the issue of the ten-year policy, necessary for the purchase and sale of new residential buildings, pursuant to Legislative Decree 122/2005, and for a surety bond to ensure the correct execution of public works.
The execution of the works inspection service, so as to ensure impartiality, independence, skills and reliability, is carried out by APAVE CERTIFICATION ITALIA with the supervision of Accredia, the organization signing the international MLA (Multi Lateral Agreement).


The objectives of the execution of the works inspection service are aimed at guaranteeing and ensuring that:

  • The materials procured (identified, qualified, accepted), are suitable for the intended use and comply with both the sector legislation and the design specifications;
  • Each product, component or system is manipulated, used, and stored correctly;
  • The correct planning and the optimal organization of the phases of the implementation of the work are carried out;

Technical and good workmanship standards are applied in all the operations of construction, laying, assembly, installation of materials, components and systems, with the traceability of all the supporting documents.


The field experience and the results currently available to the technicians show that the most critical elements in a generic building are the reinforced concrete works, the waterproofing inside and above ground, the thermal and acoustic insulation, the external rendering, the curtain walls, and the windows and doors.
The inspection activities are more concentrated on these elements which can be covered insurance, even if it is also possible to inspect the works related to the systems, interior finishes, and all those works defined by the Civil Code as “destined to last over time”.
During the execution of the works inspection the APAVE CERTIFICATION ITALIA inspection team carries out inspections in the worksites, following the schedule established in the inspection plan shared with the principal.
If a “non-compliance” emerges from an inspection, the contractor is obliged to remedy it.
The contractor is also required to promptly notify the APAVE CERTIFICATION ITALIA team when it believes it has successfully solved the problem and in any case before the “non-compliance” becomes irresolvable, with the consequent increase in significant additional costs for demolition and reconstruction works.

Reference standard
D. Lgs. 122/2005

Provisions for the protection of property rights of purchasers of buildings to be built, pursuant to the Law of 2 August 2004, no. 210.

Read the text of Legislative Decree 122/2005