The Certification of a Occupational Health and Safety Management System (SMS) offers several advantages that can favor the organization, for example:

  • Continuous and effective verification of the adequacy of the behavior of its structure with respect to the provisions of law and the objectives defined by the Management;
  • Implement accident prevention systems with a view to continuous improvement;
  • Adopt and implement systems and measures able to guarantee that all the Organizations involved in the realization of the commissioned works, ensure compliance with the legal provisions on health and safety protection.

The voluntary Certification of this System highlights, internally and externally, the Management’s continuous commitment to the prevention of accidents for those involved in the realization of the works.

The structure of a safety management system can be traced back to what has already been developed for other schemes (QMS and EMS) making it easier and guaranteeing greater optimization of human and economic resources in the development of an Integrated Management System, compliant with all three reference schemes.
The purpose of the certification of a SMS is to ascertain, through an initial audit and subsequent maintenance audits, that the organization requesting certification, operates in compliance with the BS OHSAS 18001 standard.

The audits performed by APAVE CERTIFICATION ITALIA do not replace, nor are they related to those carried out by the competent public authorities.

The certification process, adopted by APAVE CERTIFICATION ITALIA, provides for the conduct of audits over a three-year period, which leads to the issue, after an initial certification audit, of a document of conformity, the validity of which is subject to the positive outcome of subsequent maintenance audits.

How is the certification granted?

Certification audit

  • Phase 1: Phase 1 of the SMS certification process is carried out at the Organization and consists of an analysis of the documentation related to the management system as well as in the verification of legislative compliance (authorizations, permits, etc.);
  • Phase 2: Phase 2 of the SMS certification process, carried out in the field, allows the assessment of the compliance of the environmental management system with regard to the activities and/or type of work which is the object of the scope of application of the system.

Maintenance audit

Maintenance audits are designed to assess the continued compliance of the SMS (including legal requirements) and the effective and efficient treatment of any findings (which APAVE CERTIFICATION ITALY classifies as Non-Compliance, Observations and Comments) found in previous audits.

Renewal audit

Every three years, APAVE CERTIFICATION ITALIA carries out an audit aimed at evaluating the overall and continuous effectiveness of the SMS. This activity takes into account the performance of the SMS throughout the past certification period including a review of the documentation and an audit that evaluates the entire SMS.

What advantages does the certification of the safety management system offer?

  • The ability to participate in international tenders;
  • Provides and guarantees reliability towards third parties;
  • Improvement of competitiveness.
Reference standard
BS OHSAS 18001

The standard is aimed at organizations that want to create management systems dedicated to the protection of their workers.

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