General informations
  • Location : Brescia
  • Total duration : Tuesday 18 January 2022
  • Lecturer : Accountant expert in the sphere of Models 231/Anti-Corruption Plans, Criminal Lawyer, and Lawyer expert in Model 231 and defense in court.
Presentation and objectives of the course

Provision of tools to verify the adequacy of an anti-corruption risk analysis and the related impact assessment.

Recipients of the course

The course is designed for Executives/Officers/Public Administration and Private Sector Managers, NGOs, Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, Managers of any Organizational department, Internal Auditors, Certified Auditors/Lead Auditors, Anti-Bribery Auditors/Lead auditors who must fulfill the training requirement in relation to the certification of skills according to ISO/IEC 17024, Compliance Auditors/Lead Auditors, Compliance Managers, Lead Auditors of the Accreditation Body. Auditors/Lead Auditors of Certification Bodies, Anti-corruption Management System Managers, Managers, and Consultants.

  • - Overview of national and international anti-corruption measures.
    - Requirements of ISO 37001:2016 and synergies with other ISO standards on management systems and/or MOG 231/PTPC (organizational and management model 231/three-year corruption prevention plan)
    - Identification of processes at risk, risk assessment, and construction of prevention measures pursuant to ISO 37001:2016
    - Planning and conducting of internal and third-party audits and the development of monitoring systems.
    - Information flows to and from the Corruption Prevention Manager
    - Management reporting and MS review
    - Analysis of the definitions of ISO 37001:2016
    - Analysis of the risks of corruption in the company context: Due diligence
    - Anti-corruption controls
    - ISO 37001:2016 and Legality Rating
    - ISO 37001:2016 and Company Rating